Young designer’s dream comes true thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation

Young designer's dream comes true thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation

Young designer's dream comes true thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation

Most eight-year-olds don’t really know what they want to do when they are older, but Jessica Maybury already has it all down, and she is certain that she wants to become a fashion designer.

Unfortunately, she has been diagnosed with a condition that causes her bone marrow to fail and because of this she has been granted a wish by the Make A Wish Foundation. This is a charity that has been established in order to allow children who have life-threatening diseases to have a wish come true.

As part of the wish that she was granted, Jessica was taken by limousine to the Paddington offices of Marks & Spencer’s where she was treated for the day like a real fashion designer.

She was allowed to create a mood board, by going through magazines and picking up styles she likes. She was even able to sketch out some of her own designs and then have them transferred into the computer where she could add colour to them.

She has also been able to see some of the Christmas clothing range that has been planned by the retailer and was even allowed to try a few items from the collection on. At the end of her special day she was presented with a T-shirt which he had designed herself.

Her parents described the opportunity as absolutely wonderful for her.In 2011 Jessica was given the diagnosis of aplastic anaemia. This is a condition which means that her immune system is failing so she can catch infections very easily.

She constantly has to take antibiotics to fight off any infection and she has also had to have a bone marrow transplant. Chemotherapy has also been a part of the treatment and this is also made her feel increasingly sick although it is helping her in the long-term.

Her mother commented, “It was incredible to watch her as she enjoyed this amazing day. We are in a situation that you think will never happen to you, it is so unfortunate that she has this condition, but the Make a Wish Foundation really made one of her dreams come true.” In the UK there are currently 20,000 children who have a life-threatening condition and over 1000 children each year are given a wish by the charity.


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