Working from home is particularly tough for parents

For those who work at home, it can be tough when the children come home from day care or school because flexible work hours can be nice, but make it hard to find time to actually work. After all, childcare always has to come first, but most likely your boss is not going to agree.

It can be great fun to play with children during the day creating new activities and games that they will continue to play for years. However, for every minute that you spend with children you have less time to play work on your business or other work responsibilities. Towards the middle of summer the stress of attempting to be a great parent while also pulling in a reasonable income can really place extra stress on everyone.

One easy solution to the problem is to find alternative daycare or a summer camp, but this is not going to completely solve the problem because the hours are likely still not going to match up perfectly with what you need. The good news is that you will at least be able to get some time off and still get the satisfaction of knowing that your children are having fun.

It can be a great way to help bridge the gap between the holiday and school schedule and still get time to work comfortably from home.

On the other hand you can just turn your home into your own type of holiday camp by making up a careful list of activities for all weather so that you can make sure your children stay busy enough to allow you to get some work in. With the right type of schedule you can make sure everyone in your home is happy and still have a bit of time to get work done.


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