Woman pregnant with two separate non-twin children

A nurse from Utah is expecting to give birth to two children, but what makes her experience different is that the children are not twins, but instead two different embryos in two different uteruses, due to the fact that she was born with a double uterus.

The mother, Angie Cromar, is not having twins, but instead two children that are growing next to each other and will be born one week apart.

Cromar is age 34 and has had to successful pregnancies already in life, each separately in the regular fashion.  Her first ultrasound revealed that she was carrying two children; this time however, the scan also showed that the children are at different stages in their development.

Cromar’s doctor, Dr. Steve Terry, stated that the news came as quite a surprise.

There are a set of complications that can come from children that are born from a double uterus including the fact that the condition is often not diagnosed, and women who have it are more likely to have a premature birth or miscarriage.

The actual chances of getting pregnant simultaneously in both uteruses is one in five million with fewer than 100 such occurrences reported across the globe.

Cromer stated that she knows the complications that are possible and is nervous but is still excited about the babies.

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