Woman may give birth with her mother’s womb

Sara Ottoson of Stockholm, Sweden may become the first woman to give birth using the same womb that she was conceived and carried to term in. Born without a uterus, Ottoson will receive an experimental procedure to have the uterus of her mother transplanted into her.

Her mother commented that it was the only way her daughter could have her own child. Her mom, Eva agreed to donate her uterus with the hope her daughter could one day have her own baby.

Sara has a rare genetic disorder called Mayer Rokitanksv Kuster Hauser syndrome that is characterized by an absent or underdeveloped vagina and no uterus. The condition affects about one in 5,000 births. Those who live with the condition usually adopt or undergo surrogacy to have a family. Her mother said if this procedure does not work she will adopt.

Researchers approached the daughter and mother about performing the experimental procedure. Ottoson said she at the beginning thought the procedure was quite weird but now they both just see it as any other type of organ transplant.

This is not the first attempt of a uterus transplant but to date no have resulted in successful pregnancies. Chairman of reproductive medicine at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Charles Coddington, says it will be a challenge. He is not involved in the case but said even the techniques used in animals have not all been worked out.

In Saudi Arabia in 2000, surgeons attempted a transplant of a uterus into a 26 year old and four months later it had to be removed because of complications. Probably the most challenging part of the entire procedure is connecting the transplanted uterus to the tiny blood vessels in the ovary. The difference in age will not affect the daughter as far as complications are concerned.

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