Why nannies make boys grow up to cheat on wives

Dr. Dennis Friedman analyzes the trouble with delegating child rearing responsibilities too soon in a child’s life in his new book titled The Unsolicited Gift. This is due to the fact that it can cause a son to later develop a double standard towards women later in life, which means that even if he gets married he will always feel that another woman can still take care of him.

Dr. Friedman calls the problem the concept of ‘The Other Woman.’  He describes the principle as a natural division that forms in a child’s mind in which a young son recognizes who his mother is, but he has a better relationship with the woman that actually is hands on with him, in other words the caretaker.

Friedman continued to explain that as the young boy grows up he will eventually go through with marriage but in the back of his mind always have the feeling that there is another woman out there who can cater to all his needs in a better manner much like the mother and the caretaker.

Although Friedman focuses on young boy, he stated that baby girls can also find themselves in a similar dilemma if they spend too much early time with a nanny and later will try to fill this ‘vacuum of need’ with harmful habits such as sex, drugs, money, or drink.

He stated that while his observations may not be welcomed by women who want to have a social life, career, and children at the same time, he noted that a child has the right to have a relationship with a mother who is completely connected with them.

His solution is to hold off hiring an au pair or nanny until after a child reaches one year of age.

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