What to do with clothes that your children have grown out of

2As your children start to grow, it can be hard to deal with all the clothing they are getting through and decide what to do with it. Tiny baby clothes in particular can be very difficult to let go of – even the clothing of older kids probably has sentimental value of a kind. Even if you aren’t emotionally attached to old kid’s clothes, deciding what to do with them all can be stressful.

The sentimental ones

If you are holding on to first baby clothes because you feel sentimental about them, then that’s OK. You don’t have to feel pressured into getting rid of things you feel genuinely attached to, but instead of leaving them languishing in a box in the loft, why not think about doing something more interesting with them?

Many crafty people have excellent ideas for recycling and reusing old kid’s clothes. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could even try it yourself! Here are some ideas:

  • Babygro animals: Little soft giraffes and monkeys made from baby’s first babygro
  • Memory quilts: A selection of sentimentally valuable kids clothes, cut up and sewn into a big, bright quilt
  • Patchwork cushions: Made from t-shirts, dresses and shorts
  • Rag rugs: Turn all your baby’s old vests and babygro suits into a colourful rag rug for their room

The designer ones

Clothes that have a highly desirable label attached will fetch almost as much on the second-hand market as they did when you bought them, especially if you’ve looked after them well. Online auctions like eBay are excellent for selling designer kids’ togs, as are places like Gumtree and even local Facebook selling groups.

The good condition ones

If you have items of kids clothing that hardly got worn, but are not worth selling due to being a shop’s own brand product, tuck them away or give them to a friend with kids. Baby clothing in particular is worth hanging on to, as newborn vests, sleep suits and socks will only have been worn a handful  of times and don’t take up much room in a drawer or box. If you or a friend suddenly discover you’re expecting again, you’ll be glad you kept hold of them!

The rest

No doubt some of the kid’s clothes you have will not be suitable for selling and won’t be worth saving, so what do you do with these? Many people choose to donate them to charity, but in truth the charity themselves will often pass these clothes on to clothing recycling companies as they usually have far more than they need and room is at a premium in their shops.

Cut out the middle man and sell these items to a cash-for-clothing specialist, then you can choose yourself whether to donate the money to charity or keep it.

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