What is really to blame for a nation of obese children?

It is regularly being reported in today’s media that there are more children who are either overweight or obese in the UK than there ever have been before. Recent studies have compared the weight of children with children of the same age around 30 years ago, and the difference between these weights is quite alarming.

There are many people speculating about what has been the cause for this dramatic increase in the weight of children. Some people speculate that it is because children do less exercise than they have done in the past, while others estimate it is because they are not eating as healthily as they used to. Studies have shown that children are generally less aware of where their food has come from, and are also not knowledgeable about how to cook food.

In order to improve children’s understanding about food and where it comes from, a company have launched a set of fictional stories which have been based on a fictional city called Seed City. This is an interactive experience in children can enter competitions, take part in activities, and learn about cooking through these stories.

It is the hope of the organisation that has created this idea that it will make cooking fun for children, and encourage parents to get involved with their children when preparing food together. There is also a complimentary website which shows children how to create food, and has also plenty of information for adults on how to create fun activities that promote healthy eating in your child. The website also encourages parents to encourage other families to get involved with the programme.

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