What is a ‘Mommy Makeover’?

A ‘mommy makeover ‘is essentially an opportunity for mums to recover lost youth. Giving birth and raising children can take its toll on the female form, leaving mums feeling far less attractive and feminine than they may have felt prior to parenthood. Fortunately, cosmetic procedures such as those offered by the hospital group, together with fashion tips and make-up can shave years off the average mum.

Beginning with make-up and clothes, mums can roll back the years by making superficial changes to their appearance. Make-up can remain tasteful and discreet, using subtle shades and rich, dark colours to accentuate style and sophistication. Fashion, meanwhile, can also go some way towards restoring a mum’s pre-pregnancy figure. While wearing especially revealing clothes is generally inadvisable, mums can opt for a fresher, more youthful wardrobe. Replacing ‘Queen Mother’ clothing with something a little more fashionable can make a great deal of difference.

Changing hairstyles is another consideration new mum’s may take; Unlike make-up and fashion, mums have greater freedom to have their hair styled to conform to the latest trends. However, a sophisticated style works best in most cases and rather than extreme hair colouring.

In terms of cosmetic surgery, it is possible to rediscover lost youth by undergoing several fairly common procedures. These include liposuction, breast lift and augmentation, tummy tucks and face lifts. Each of these procedures can dramatically improve the size, shape and appearance of women who have endured the many bodily changes associated with having children.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular surgical procedures to be included in a mommy makeover. Usually combined with a breast lift to make breasts appear rather more pert and firm, breast augmentation is arguably the single most effective procedure in restoring a mother’s self-confidence. Enlarging and reshaping breasts that have sagged and drooped, breast enlargement surgery is a must for the majority of mommy makeovers.

Tummy tucks are not necessarily as popular as breast augmentation, but they are often necessary to achieve a complete makeover. Unfortunately, bearing children can sometimes stretch the skin around the stomach to such an extent that it is unable to return to its former size. This can be especially upsetting for women who exercise regularly but fail to make any impression on the excess skin hanging from their waist – the ‘mommy pouch’ as it is sometimes called. Tummy tuck procedures work by removing this excess skin, enabling mums to recover their tight, flat stomachs of old.

Sometimes, mothers elect to undergo liposuction to remove areas of excessive fat, which tend to build up around the stomach and thighs. Liposuction is a common procedure that is carried out in cosmetic surgeries around the world on a daily basis. In addition to breast enlargement surgery, liposuction and a tummy tuck, mothers may also opt for a face lift to tighten the facial skin, removing many wrinkles in the process. When all of the above techniques, tips and procedures are combined, the mommy makeover is complete.

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