What can a baby really hear when in utero?

It is said that babies can determine who is in charge while they are still in the womb. This reasoning is because while still growing in the mother’s womb, a baby can hear voices around them and they recognize these voices every time they hear them again and again. Then again, according to Professor Moon, a Washington Psychology professor, babies don’t hear their daddy’s voices while they are still in the womb, they are believed to only hear the voice of their mums and when born the mother’s voice is what welcomes them into the world.

The reason for the crying and whining as they come out of the mother’s womb is due to the fact that the voices now become louder and more distinct frightening the children. Male babies seem to find more content in crying at night to keep their parents awake than baby females do.

This is because another US psychology professor by the name of Marsha Weinraub, claims that the best way for mum and dad to get a good night’s sleep is to let their baby cry itself to sleep. This may raise an argument among parents of young children, but it isn’t a new argument at that.

There is a third and final US professor named Dr. Seethalakshmi Ramanathan from the New York Medical University that believes children born in the recession will likely grow up to be involved in drugs and abusive relationships, and become troubled young adults, but this will only be likely in America.

In the end it all comes down to the parenting as how you children will grow up. Bondage and learning with your children as they grow is a great way to give them a taste of real life, and hope they grow up knowing what they are going to do for the rest of theirs.

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