Watching TV and internet separate teens and parents

Teens that spend more time completing their homework and reading instead of watching television have a better bond with their parents emotionally according to new research.

The study took a close look into the effect that the integration of internet and home entertainment has had on the way youngsters spend their time and develop.

Professor at the University of Otago, Dunedin Dr. Rosalina Richards stated that the attractive value of screen activities and their easy availability has created a lot of excitement about how much opportunities are opened up by these options.  However, at the same time there needs to be some concern over how much these activities may displace others that are important for development and health during youth.

Dunedin continued to state that in particular one needs to closely look at how screen time is changing the type of relationships that youngsters typically develop with friends and family.

The study looked at the activities and habits of 3,000 teenagers that ranged in age between 14 to 15 about how they spend their free time as well as how attached they are to their peers and parents.

It found that teens that spent a large amount of time on the computer or in front of the television are more likely to report that they are not that close to parents and find it hard to develop a real emotional bond or relationship with them.

In fact, the risk of a child reporting a low attachment to their parents increased by 4% for every additional hour that they spent in front of the television and by another 5% for every hour in front of the computer.

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