Wall’s make women feel appreciated

The average man or child has a hard time saying thank you for anything, which is why as a mother you may feel overwhelmed from time to time trying to keep up with the new demands of each day without any true appreciation.  Therefore, if you need a little positive reinforcement for the change that you make in other’s lives you may find the new advert campaign from Wall’s to be right up your street because two inch keyboard toting Alan knows how to say thank you in a way that really counts.  Of course, the fact that Alan is a miniature dog makes the entire thing that much cooler.

Most wives and mothers will get a kick out of the adverts in which the husband realizes over the Wall’s sausages just how much he loves his wife, and finally finds the words, with Alan’s help of course, to tell her how much he loves her.  Equally entertaining is another advert in which Alan explains that blokes have a hard time saying thank you, because that’s all they are ‘is blokes’, but that they really are thankful for everything that women do.  For the woman who would like to hear her husband say thank you a little more this may be a video to share.

Finally, if you still feel underappreciated by the time dinner is over and the family is taken care of for the night, you may want to head over to the Wall’s interactive advert that features Alan and Jason Donavan who’s task is to sing you a personalized thank you song.  Simply enter your name and upload a picture, or log in with Facebook, and you can sit back and listen to the pair tell you how lovely you are any time you need a boost to the ego after a long day.

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