Wales sees big rise in teen pregnancy

Latest figures, published yesterday show that Wales is suffering from high rates of teenage pregnancy.  Soaring rates indicates that many teenagers resort to abortion as opposed to proper contraception methods, according to Shadow Health Minister Nick Ramsay.

Having the highest rate of teenage pregnancy, the local authority of Merthyr Tydfill recorded 66 pregnancies for every 1000 girl under 18. Cerdigion had the lowest rate: 32 pregnancies for every 1000 girl under 18.

Teenage pregnancies ending with abortion were also at a record high – 57%, 44.5%, and 38% of pregnancies for girls under 16, 18, and 20 respectively, as opposed to 21% overall aborted pregnancies.

“The rates are worrying. Half of the pregnancies under the age of 18 ended up in abortion. Many seem to underestimate the psychological and emotional distress of abortion,” explained Ramsay. ‘Sex education improvement should come high on the government’s priority list in response to such figures.’

Paul Tully, general secretary of anti-abortion pressure group said, ‘With high failure rates, contraception should not be promoted as the solution. Many of the teenagers who resorted to apportion were on contraception at the time of conception! Stressing on the parents role is the most feasible approach.’

According to Veronica German, Liberal Democrats health spokeswoman, the quality of sex education is paramount. She also stressed on the fact that most cases come from more deprived areas and criticised the government for not doing enough to help these areas.

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