Virtual Learning Centre from Single Parent Action Network

Today the Single Parent Action Network known as SPAN announced that they will launch a new learning centre online for single parents to easily access.  Available on teh website will be free courses designed to aid with life coaching, assertive training, and methods for finding work.

Development Director for SPAN, Simon Bates, stated that the virtual learning courses are designed to mirror the work of SPAN in Bristol by helping to offer support and help to single parents that need help learning to parent on their own.

He further explained that the objective of the Learning Centre is to help single parents feel empowered by accessing self-help support, information, education, and training in one single location to help keep single families from suffering and finding themselves in abusive situations or poverty.

The Virtual Learning Centre will also feature a new course to support people recovering from or experiencing domestic violence and an accredited course in parenting.

“Giving children the best start in life with early intervention and parenting support is a key element of our work,” confirms Bates.  “We now anticipate the new Virtual Learning Centre will become a valuable tool to help single parents to gain the confidence they need, in order to take control of their lives.”

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