The versatility of oatmeal

You will be hard pushed to find any natural foodstuff that has the health benefits and the versatility of oatmeal. If some of you are now trying to think of something you eat with oatmeal in, think porridge, that is oatmeal in its purest, and most delicious, form. There is nothing quite like a creamy and steaming bowl of  porridge to warm you right through to the core, and anyone within sniffing distance will get an instant case of oat envy.

This traditional breakfast is a fantastic way to start the day and is essentially central heating for your body on cold winter mornings. Whether you are purist who likes their porridge plain and simple with just milk and a spoonful of sugar, or add delicious toppings, by basing your breakfast around the humble oat and you will have that great wholegrain taste while at the same time safe in the knowledge that you are having one of the healthiest breakfasts possible.

Oatmeal is both high in fibre and low in fat, and also contains iron and protein. A bag of oatmeal is incredibly cheap to buy and should be a staple in your food cupboard as you can do so much with it. Never think that this innocuous bag of grains is just for breakfasts, there are numerous recipes that include oatmeal as a vital ingredient, and you can even prepare your own skin care products and save yourself a small fortune.

A great way of cooking with oatmeal is to make cookies and biscuits. There are dozens of recipes available online and you can add ingredients such as honey, treacle and dried fruits to make them even more appetising. By making your own oatmeal cookies for the family you will save money in the long run as opposed to buying biscuits and also know that they are full of goodness and there are no nasty E numbers lurking anywhere.

When it comes to skincare, there are numerous uses for oatmeal with face packs being the most popular, and they it is also great for easing itchiness and irritation. It is perfect for all skin types, and especially good for those with sensitive skins who have problems with shop bought products.

As well as being a brilliant cleansing agent it is a natural treatment for acne, rosacea and eczema, which are even more great reasons not to walk past in on the supermarket shelf and make sure you always have a bag in reserve. There are loads of handy tips and hints, as well as recipes for skincare preparations readily available online, and when combined with other natural ingredients such as olive oil, you can stop ageing in its tracks and throw away those expensive face creams.

There are thousands of you out there who will have been really surprised at how many uses you can get out of a simple bag of oatmeal, whilst those who have been using it for years will simply give a knowing smile and get back to knocking up their latest batch of cookies or skin treatment.

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