University fees confusion could deter students

The recent poll that was undertaken by the Independent Taskforce for Student Finance Information has revealed that 59% of the respondents have said that they have little or no understanding as you how the new fee systems are going to work. This could, according to Perspective, the Midlands based pioneering company of  student tracking sytems have a massive and detrimental affect on student numbers.

As the recent demonstrations have shown, both existing and prospective students are deeply unhappy about the sharp rise in tuition fees. This is a situation that already is, to some extent, bound to the lower university applications, but complete confusion over how the system actually works is set to cause more damage.

As well as this, another survey revealed that 55% of respondents have said that going to university is now less, or much less, attractive thanks to the new system for tuition fees.

Paul Davis, managing director of student management system provider, Perspective, commented: “The rise in tuition fees has already clearly riled a large percentage of young people; no doubt leading some being put off from applying to university. This further lack of understanding could quite easily lead to even more looking elsewhere to further their education.”

Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert, who is chair of the Independent Taskforce on Student Finance Information, commented on the matter saying: “The communication of tuition fees by all parties over the last few years is a national scandal. They’ve left us as a nation ill-equipped and uneducated about how this crucial and very different form of finance works. We need to start a war on this ignorance – after all, if students don’t understand the true cost, how can they decide if it’s worth it?”

Paul continued: “Although it’s a little while yet before the new fees systems starts, this really needs to be resolved sooner rather than later before any lasting, and avoidable damage is done.”

Perspective is a provider of learning management software with its Collaborative Learning Manager product utilised by over 60 local authorities and, Sunesis implemented by companies and training providers around the UK. For more information visit



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