Unhappy children drink and have sex

Children who have an unhappy home and/or school life are more likely to drink alcohol and have sex, a recent study concludes. Children with troubles at home and school frequently turn to alcohol for solace, but they also turn to sex as well.  Troubled young people who expressed a disdain for drinking were 2.5 times more likely to engage in sex than their non-drinking peers, the study said.

There is also a causal relationship between alcohol and sex.  Children as young as thirteen, who have had experience with alcohol, are likely to have engaged in sex, as well.  Drinking, in and of itself can, apparently, lead to early sexual experimentation.

The study, however, was more focused on the relationship between school and home, and drinking and sex.  It is clear, study authors concluded, that children who experience troubles at home or school are more susceptible to experimenting with sex and alcohol at an early age.

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