Unhappy childhoods need have no bearing on your children’s lives

If you grew up in an unhappy household then it might be impossible for you to think you can create a harmonious and healthy home for your children. However, it is entirely possible for you to do this if you follow a few simple rules and create a well-developed routine in your home.

Stability is very important for children and routine is one of the fundamentals of this stability. If you create a routine in your home then your children are going to grow up with happy childhood memories, something you might be very keen on giving them if your childhood memories were not particularly happy.

It is often the case that after schoolchildren still have a great deal of energy, whereas parents feel exhausted after a long day at work. Parents can often feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks that await them once they have finished a day’s work and this can lead to a very stressful time.

It can be a great idea to institute a cool down period which takes place when everyone gets home. This can be as long as you want, but a good amount of time to start with is 15 minutes. For this 15 minutes the children are not allowed to hassle you with any questions, once this is over they are allowed to ask you things. It is not a lot of time so you won’t miss out on doing any of your chores, but it can allow you to recuperate enough not to lose your temper.

It can also be a good idea to institute routine for your children for when they get home from school. Creating a chart which lists the chores they have to do, all the homework they have to complete, can be a good idea. You should also create a reward system where the children will be rewarded if they complete tasks. Positive reinforcement is a much better way of motivating children, than punishment if they do something wrong.

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