Unexpected holiday souvenirs

Coming back from a holiday break, the normal expectations are for you to have a nice tan, or for the reckless few some serious sunburn. Unfortunately for a surprisingly high number of women from Britain, they all seem to be coming back with something more than a skin change: a pregnancy.

A recent poll has revealed that a fifth of women are impregnated during their time away on holiday. Among the 2000 British women surveyed, almost 20 per cent admitted to having conceived during a holiday break.

19 per cent of them said they had conceived whilst in Spain. No surprises there as it is the most popular destination for most British holiday makers. Second place went to those who chose to holiday here in the UK; 15 per cent of them confessed to getting pregnant during a ‘staycation’.

Right behind the UK was France with almost 13 per cent replying to the survey that it is where they became a mother. Italy and Portugal came in fourth and fifth place, with nine per cent and seven per cent respectively.

Many people put these statistics down to the normally chilled out atmosphere that is associated with holidays. A similar study previously carried out found that one out of twenty British men and women who went away on holiday came back with an STD.

They found that one in four out of all travellers had slept with a complete stranger whilst on holiday. Almost 50 per cent of men have surprisingly engaged in intercourse on the beach, whilst only over 30 per cent of women have.

A Foreign Office statement said “We are not going to tell travellers to stop enjoying themselves, but what we would advise is that they practice safe sex. STDs such as AIDS and syphilis is transferable worldwide so always carry condoms on your travels.”



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