Underage kids flock to Facebook against the sites rules

There are millions of young children that are active members of Facebook in direct violation of the site’s terms and polices that require users be 13 years old or older, according to a recent Consumer Reports survey.

The magazine estimates that of the 20 million minors that are on Facebook, over 7.5 million are younger than the 13 year old age limit and about 5 million of the children in this particular group at thought to be 10 years old or younger.

This makes a large number of children vulnerable to bullies and predators as well as malware and internet viruses because they are using the net without a lot of parental supervision. In the past year the magazine estimates that over one million children were threatened, harassed or received some other type of cyberbullying.

Minors are able to bypass or get around the Facebook terms and conditions of use by using a date of birth that falls into the legitimate age bracket. Facebook does have procedures they use in order to locate users that are under age and those include other users reporting and will permanently delete the user’s page.

Facebook responded to the Consumer reports survey by stating that “there is no single solution” meaning there is no exact science from keeping children from circumventing the policies that Facebook has in place.

They said they appreciate all the information that the reports and surveys have given them but they want everyone to know that it has to be a joint effort with parents, educators and safety advocates that need to focus on the ultimate goal of keeping children safe online.

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