Tyne and Wear young people get top priority care

A shakeup of health services in Tyne and Wear is going to mean that young people get top priority care. Inpatient services are going to be removed at Gateshead and South Tyneside hospitals for children and instead hubs are going to be created at the Great North Children’s Hospital and the Sunderland Royal Hospital.

This means more children from outside of the city are going to get access to care from the city’s facilities, but Geoff Lawson, paediatric consultant has said that the primary responsibility will still be with children in Sunderland.

Dr Lawson commented, “My first priority will always be taking care of the children in Sunderland. This reorganisation is just going to mean we can take care of more patients as well, this is not going to mean the care of current patients changes in any way.”

Dr Lawson also highlighted that this is not a new decision and it is something that has been in planning for over 15 years. He continued, “I am well aware that the government is cutting back on spending but this is not a finance-based decision. We think this is the right way to move forward and we have thought so for a long time.”

The GP commissioning board for the area have said that they are keen to see more services being provided to patients through primary care rather than having to refer them to secondary care, such as that received in hospital. This benefits are both to the health service as well as children who have to spend less time in hospital.

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