TV is parent’s babysitter

Research in the UK suggests that more than 25% of parents that have young children use the TV as a babysitter. As part of the year of communication in the nation a full 70% of over 1,000 fathers and mothers that were polled say that allowing their children to view TV does not make them feel guilty. The poll also said that over 40% think the TV is a learning tool for their children.

But the experts are quick to point out that parents need to watch TV together with their children in order for it to be a good learning tool. They can strike up conversations and introduce words to them to learn.

Programmes should be watched by children that are appropriate and specifically designed for their age group. Half of the parents the study says allow their kids to watch inappropriate shows for their ages and that about 80% of the children watch at least two hours of TV daily while alone.

Only 15% of parents, when watching TV with their youngsters use the time to start conversations while 20% sit and watch in silence with their kids. As part of the national year of communication, the research has been published known as the Hello Campaign.

The research proves that parents are not suffering from lots of guilt but there are many areas that they could benefit from by receiving more advice and information. The national campaign will publish a plan that includes 10 points to help parents to use the TV as a way to communicate with their preschoolers. For more information you can go to their Hello Campaign website.

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