Top Tips and Locations for Single Parent Holidays

Single Parent Holidays

Choosing where to travel with the kids can be difficult. And which single parent has the time to read hundreds of trip advisor reviews? One single parent whose travels inspired her to organise holidays for one-parent families reveals her top tips for choosing the perfect single parent holiday. You can contact her at

Ask yourself what would make your family holiday successful. From my experience, single parents always answer “that my child is happy”, closely followed by “adult company” before adding “destination” and “price”.

Keep the kids happy. I soon realised the best holidays were those where my son made friends so my goal became going on holiday with other families or finding resorts or holiday types where the likelihood of meeting kids of preferably the same gender, same age and speaking the same language was high. Not an easy task when all your friends are either singles, couples, childless or have girls! So plan ahead and check dates with family and friends early. Your friend’s friend may have a son/daughter the same age and you can all go together. Other options that work for most kids are a group holiday or a hotel with kids club where you can be sure that your child makes friends.

Adult company. Having spent several holidays being forced to hang around the games room after dinner, I decided standard package holidays weren’t for me. I spent many bored minute over breakfast or dinner with my son playing Gameboy or reading a book looking in vain for other single parents. I did not feel confident enough to chat to other families out of fear of looking desperate and they did not appear very interested in chatting to an only adult. I once met a single dad from Belgium and having dinner with him and our kids transformed my holiday experience. If adult company is important to you, a group holiday will work much better for you than a package or rented accommodation.

Single Parent Holidays 2Destination. When you have kids, the destination becomes somewhat secondary. Most kids love routine. It gives them a sense of security so they want to go to the same place year after year. If this is the case and you fancy exploring new places, involve them in the planning, show them brochures and tell them about things to do in the hotel or country you fancy visiting. They will soon become excited! Some of our favourite destinations are the Canaries and Austria – both safe, all-year round destinations and both offering a huge amount of attractions and activities for both parents and children.

Price. Booking early can save you as much money as booking last minute but the former is certainly the safer option when you are restricted to the school holidays and might need to negotiate with work and another parent. Plus you can pay in instalments and have something to look forward to.

What works for you and your child/ren depends a lot on your circumstances – budget, personalities, and interests. Having tried most types of holidays in my time as a single parent from rented apartments in Corfu, group cycling in Spain, skiing with the grandparents in Austria to 4-star hotels in the Mediterranean with no single parents in sight, I can truly say that they all had their charm. Yet our holidays became a completely different experience when we started going on single parent holidays. They ticked all the boxes for both of us and my son’s verdict after the first one was that he will never go on holiday again with ‘just mum’…!

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