Toddlers eat anything and everything

Toddlers develop with each passing day and they constantly discover new things. However, they rarely know what the purpose of the items they’ve found is and will often try to eat them or at least put them in their mouth. This bad habit is very dangerous, because toddlers can easily choke on little items or swallow chemicals which are hazardous to their health.

This stage of a toddler’s development lasts for nearly an year and during this time you must make sure that your child doesn’t have access to any cleaning chemicals and products that they may decide to eat.

Another common problem which toddlers can cause is a fire. Most of these incidents occur in the living room, so make sure that your living room is completely fireproof. This includes installing smoke detectors, installing circuit breakers and protecting fires and electrical appliances with protective guards. Electrical sockets should also be improved by protecting them with plastic covers.

These covers prevent your child for inserting its fingers or another object into the socket. Don’t leave any electrical appliances working unless you need them. Furniture should also be improved with special fire resistant upholstery. Also, keep lighters and matches away from your children.

Stairs can also be dangerous for toddlers, so you should find a solution to prevent them from going down or up the stairs. The easiest way to do this is to buy and install special safety gates that are sold in many stores. These gates are used by many parents around the world and they basically prevent toddlers from accessing the stairs. Of course, these gates can also be used to limit your child’s access to certain rooms. It is highly recommended to use these gates in order to prevent toddlers from entering the kitchen and bathroom.


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