Think carefully before entering a tattoo parlour

Tattoos are now more popular than ever before. Despite financial belts tightening and economic downturns the tattoo industry has continued to grow. Figures show that teenagers are the ones with the most income readily available to spend on tattoos.

Amongst the young tattoos can be used to acknowledge their passions, musical tastes, first love or even a tribal mark used to indicate membership of a particular social group. The tattoo artists have extraordinary skills which push the boundaries of design book to body art translations to new levels and are becoming a genuine art form.

However it is also permanent, as any responsible tattooist will warn you. So although you may love a band right now chances are they will not be around in 15-20 years but the tattoo will be.

Personal tastes change, especially with teenagers who seem to change their minds at the drop of a hat. Almost everybody who has tattoos, even if they are really serious about body art, have at least one tattoo that they regret.

These are usually the ones which were done in haste and remain only an embarrassing reminder of a teenage obsession or crush. A recent survey revealed that over 40% of teenagers who had tattoos were not aware of the expense and difficulties involved in tattoo removal.

Currently one of the only effective methods of tattoo removal is by laser. This is not only time consuming and expensive but can lead to permanent scarring, especially if the tattoo has been large or has dense black areas, as with many tribal tattoos.

The Journal of Adolescent Health, a scientific journal, recently published a report which finds that less than half of the teenagers wanting a tattoo knew of the potential risks and difficulties which are involved in tattoo removal.


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