The world awaits the birth of Kate and William’s baby

Many women around the world will not envy the Kate Middleton at this very moment; with her first child on the way within the next few weeks as not only does she have her in-laws and new extended family interfering, she also now has the whole world interested in everything and anything about her first child.

The Duchess of Cambridge should brace herself for an influx of advice from all corners of the globe after Mumsnet asked its members to relay their experiences and tips on how to raise children.

The website, which deals in parenting made an announcement that members will take to twitter with the hashtag #tips4kate and pass on advice as soon as the baby is announced. The Royal couple is expecting their newborn very soon, and the website has pledged to create an account for Kate so she can be able to view the advice left by the other members of the site.

It does not end there either; the website has pledged to go a step further and collate the best tweets in the form of a book and send it off to the parents of the new royal baby. CEO of Mumsnet, Justine Roberts stated that “the first few days after birth are the most emotionally draining as it is mixed with anxiety, fatigue and joy.

For some of us when we became parents we wished we were handed a manual and troubleshooting guide to solve all our problems. Well Kate has nothing to worry about as we already have that covered; we have gathered the collective experience and wisdom of our members to pass on to our Duchess.


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