The versatility of roller blinds

When you become a parent there is less disposable income to spend on things such as  home décor, and those who have previously gone to town when decorating invariably find that they have to make cutbacks in this area. Cutting costs need not mean compromising on quality or appearance however, and if you are looking to dress your windows in a stylish and practical manner then you can do a lot worse than installing roller blinds.

Cheap, cheerful and practical, roller blinds not only look good they are also easy to maintain as modern blinds are not only washable but very attractive and come in an enormous range of colours, textures and designs. Websites such as offer such a vast collection that there is guaranteed to be a style or effect that will fit in with both your preferred choice of décor as well as your personality.

From white and contemporary neutrals through to funky and bold primary colours, from plain and subtle to bright and vibrant, you will find a roller blind for every room in the house that suits both your practical and aesthetic needs. Roller blinds are particularly good for children’s rooms as you easily ensure that the rolling mechanism is out of the reach of little hands yet their rooms will still look bright and modern.

One particular roller blind worth considering when it comes to a child’s bedroom, the black out blinds that tuiss offer will ensure a good night’s sleep all year round, and no difficulties with them dropping off when it’s still sunny outside. Contrary to popular belief, it is the fabric used and not the colour that achieves the black out effect, so you can have a blind of this type in any colour to suit the décor of the room.

Many a child has wrecked vertical blinds with sticky hands or pulling them down and snapping the fixings. The very essence of the way a roller blind works eliminates this as all you have to do is make sure that when you have them rolled down they are out of reach, as simple as that.

Kids splashing around in the bath or shower has long resulted in the windows and any dressings getting soaked in the process. The range of waterproof roller blinds is perfect for these times, and the specially coated fabric repels water so it doesn’t soak through, eliminating that mouldy smell that comes from wet fabric being left to dry by itself.

On the whole, there is nothing not to like about roller blinds, they are cheap, energy saving, easy to maintain and above all look great. Houses can take on a whole new lease of life once roller blinds have been fitted, and they last for years. The beauty of them is that should you get bored with the colour, design etc they are easy and cost effective to replace, making them the perfect window adornments for busy households that don’t have a lot of cash to spare.

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