The trials and tribulations of parenting

There are many debates when it comes to parenting and one of the ones that has been highlighted by the media recently is about how to discipline your children. This is one of the most common debates that has occurred for as long as raising children itself – should you be strict, or should you be empathetic.

In fact, while there are two sides to the debates, the best attitude would probably be to take a line between the two sides. You should treat children with respect, but you should also punish them when they have misbehaved. The key to raising disciplined children is to establish boundaries and make sure that they are fully understood, and that there are consequences for going beyond them.

It is often the situation that children have conflicting needs when compared to their parents. Adults generally want to get things done, whereas children prefer to dawdle. This leads to parents having many clashes with their children and it is important that you realise what things are important to you, and which arguments you need to win, and which you need to let go.

Another important idea for parents is to start listening to their children more. Children become immune to parents who lecture and command them too much. Gradually they will learn to tune out such lectures. Don’t lecture, but make it very clear what you want. It is a bad idea to continue on at a child about something they have done wrong, just tell them how to correct it, and make sure they do that.

Even though children do not say it, they do want to have some amount of structure in their lives. They also want to be raised in a safe environment and this is something that you can easily set up for them.

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