The transition from boy to man can be tough on the parents

Teenage sons can be notoriously difficult to deal with. They are sometimes impossible to communicate with, they have no time for you and yet have all the time in the world for their friends, and you have no idea, half the time, what they are doing or with whom. This is all pretty normal for teenage boys and, although it can be a difficult time for you, you can weather the storm and get through it with a little bit of thought and patience.

This is easier said than done when you feel that your son is moving away from you emotionally. But it is all part of the growing-up process as the boy starts to gain his independence in the transition from boy to man. Mothers may feel it more than fathers and this is because the mother is traditionally the nurturer who takes care of the child.

A mother may find this hard to deal with, especially if she was particularly close to her son as a child as is often the case. Fathers may not feel it so much but it is still there. Father and son may still connect through such things as sport or maybe DIY or cars but there is still an emotional distance that cannot be bridged. Rest assured that it is just a phase and that your son will hopefully develop into a mature young man.

This may seem unlikely when you encounter aggressive outbursts and even occasional physical aggression but this is all quite normal. Try and give your son some space to come to terms with what is happening to his body and be there for them at those times that they do feel like talking. Be patient and you will find this is far more helpful than any confrontation.

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