The importance of good relations between parents and their children

It is widely known that in a household where the parents do not have a good relationship with their children, there are going to be problems for those children that will potentially affect them in later life. It is also going to make them suffer in the short term, and it is not just about the relationship between parent and child that matters, but also the relationship between the two parents.

Parents have many responsibilities to their children and they are expected to educate them and inform them about how to be caring to others and be a good citizen. This was something that many parents will say their parents passed down to them through word-of-mouth and by example, but often it is something that needs to be directly taught to children, rather than just demonstrated.

Unlike in the past, when people were less available to access information on such a large scale, parents are now not the only role models for their children. There are plenty of other people who set an example for children and often this is something that children want to follow. However, these examples are not always beneficial for children and there are plenty of negative role models out there.

Television is a big source of potential role models who do not give positive values to children, instead they encourage killing, sexual misconduct and stealing. This leads children to desire these things and they can fall into a trap of delusion and unjustified last.

It is therefore even more important than it was before to instil good moral values in your children. Your children can be very easily influenced by things such as television, so you must make a real effort to make sure that they do not start to follow negative role models. You should teach them about moral actions and how important it is to be a good citizen. In order to encourage this, you could consider limiting the amount of time they can spend in front of a screen.

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