The ever growing popularity of herbal tea

Today, our daily cup of tea is also being drunk for health reasons and is no longer there merely to quench our thirst. Even though it has been consumed in China for centuries, it was only in the late 18th century that is spread across the world, and before long was drunk across the globe as millions succumbed to the exotic aromas that wafted from their cups and the mellow, subtle flavours which tantalised the taste buds.

There is a whole new generation of tea drinkers emerging however, and it is these who are drinking it for the medicinal purposes that were documented centuries ago in China but which we have only recently cottoned on to. Green, white and herbal teas are the ones being touted as the most beneficial to health, but the fact is that herbal tea is not technically a tea at all despite being heavily promoted as such.

Herbal tea is actually a herbal infusion as it is made from every part of the Camellia Sinensis except the leaves, and only a drink actually blended from these leaves can actually be called a tea. Herbals are made from the fresh or dried flowers, seeds and roots by pouring boiling water over them and leaving them to steep. Another way of making is by boiling the ingredients together over a flame then straining and serving it.

There are a massive variety of herbal teas currently on the market, both in the form of loose leaf and teabag, and they offer the tea drinker both a delicious drink thanks to many fruit variations as well as being good for them.  Fruit and herbal teas can be drunk at any time of day and night and taste good both hot and cold. It would be madness to try and list every variety as it runs into hundreds, and it is easier to look at the benefits from certain blends.

Chamomile has long been renowned for its calming properties so it makes sense to infuse this plant into a tea and you will find it both as an individual ingredient or blended with another property, such as spearmint, to produce a tea that both calms and soothes. Fennel seeds and peppermint leaves can be found blended together to aid your digestive system and is the perfect end to a large meal.

An infusion that has been blended with the purpose of cleansing yourself from the inside out includes the likes of spearmint, nettles and milk thistle which, respectively, aid digestion, cleanse and offer antioxidants.  If you are looking to detox naturally, then a blend intended to be drunk in the morning containing lime flowers, lemon, lemon verbena and milk thistle will do the trick and taste great at the same time.

Taking the best that nature has to offer and infusing them into these blends that are then drunk regularly are a staple of many daily routines, and when you look around and see the choices available and what they can do for you, it is little wonder they are so popular.

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