The benefits of joining a pregnancy club

One of the simplest methods of saving money on pregnancy expenses and post-pregnancy is to become a member of a pregnancy and parenting club. A number of leading baby-product brands and supermarkets boast of their special clubs that come together to help expectant mothers to save significant amount of money.

Usually, there are no fees for joining and you could receive magazines, vouchers, samples and a wide range of freebies. Several clubs have special points-based programmes that would equip you with a special card for use in specific stores or when you purchase specific products.

The leading supermarkets organise special discount events keeping babies, expectant parents in mind, after every few months. In such events, all the related products are offered through special offers or discounted prices. Such events would prove to be the ideal method for collecting all the stuff you would require for your baby such as clothing, wipes and nappies.

The list of suggestions provided on mother and baby websites would discuss all types of information starting from pregnancy to when a baby turns into a toddler. One of the best places to check is with Start4Life. The site provides special tips on busting pregnancy myths, remaining active and eating healthy.

The websites of baby clubs would have special online forums where pregnant women and new mothers can chat with others and share each other’s experience. You can check the Mums net NHS Choices forum offered by antenatal clubs.

New parents can also take advantage of the special advice and information service provided by the NHS. Sign up for it and you can get free texts and emails on a weekly basis about healthier pregnancy. Click this link to get more information on the steps for joining. Gain more helpful information, advice and healthy pregnancy tips at



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