The benefits of becoming an older parent

Many people are tending to wait longer to get married and when paired with the many advances in fertility treatment many people are now waiting until they are older to have children. However, middle aged parents may not have thought there all of what they are getting themselves into when they decide to have children.

Economically, there are some real benefits to waiting to have children when you are older. For instance, older parents tend to be much more financially stable than others and in addition usually have taken care of credit card debt from their college years as well as their student loans. In addition, they also usually have a home and already have money set up for emergencies and retirement.

However, waiting to have children also means that while your friends are enjoying their empty nests you will be paying tuition and textbook bills. Plus, since many adult children are now coming back home once they graduate this also means that kids may still be at home for you when you are ready to collect Social Security.

In fact, the largest problem for parents that wait longer t

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