The A-Z of McDonald’s

Wherever you go in the world, if you fancy a tasty burger or a delicious wrap you can guarantee that you will be able to track down a McDonald’s. This iconic brand has spread across the globe, taking their burgers, fries and Mcmuffins to the masses. There is little we don’t know about McDonald’s, or so we thought until we see their latest advert.

Simply entitled McDonald’s A-Z, this is a unique trip through the alphabet letting us know exactly what the brand is all about behind its famous range of foods and drinks. It starts of simply enough, with apples and beef, then suddenly changes, C isn’t for chicken after all, it’s for recycled cooking oil that is turned into bio-fuel.

How many of you knew that every egg used in McDonald’s is free range? That’s E accounted for, it is also revealed that the corporation spend a mighty 16,800 hours (H) training their staff to the exceptionally high standard of customer service that they pride themselves in, as is their opinion that the standard of their food should be matched, if not surpassed, by that of their staff.

Chicken does make an appearance, but is under J for juicy, as all their succulent chicken breasts are. Their litter patrols and the miles they cover take care of L and M, while V is the thousands of volunteers who are currently being trained up to play their part in London 2012. The Z is a room full of people sleeping, no doubt after a tasty McDonald’s for supper.

This is a great insight into what is really going on behind the top quality food and shining steel that we associate with McDonald’s, and it is great to see a top name, that could so easily sit back and rest on their laurels, taking the time and the effort to reinvest in the environment and the world around us. This is what makes McDonald’s so special.

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