Teens and dishwashers making life easier in the kitchen

Getting kids of any age to help around the house can be like banging your head on sleek granite kitchen counter top. We may call the Americans many things, but there is no denying that their age old system of getting their kids to do their chores in return for pocket money is a brilliant idea. While there are some British families who implement this system, on the whole, we tend to just cough up pocket money and never think of getting them to work for it.

There are many different reasons for this but the most prevalent one is that parents never did it, so why should their children. It’s also hard to implement something successfully when none of their friends do it, and trying to enforce it often causes so much hassle that parents simply give in. There are ways and means of getting around this, and while the following suggestion may seem somewhat feeble, it is better than nothing.

A dishwasher is a boon for any household, large or small, as instead of being piled up in the sink or on the kitchen worktop; dishes can be popped into the dishwasher as they are used. Once full you put the detergent tablet in, switch it on, and when it stops whirring, your dishes are both clean and dry. So where do the kids fit in? Well, the most common moan, especially from a teenager, is that something you are asking them to do is ‘too much hassle’.

In reality, how much hassle is it to pop a glass, a plate or a cup into a dishwasher. Nobody likes washing and drying dishes, whatever they say, and there are more battles within a family over who is going to wash the dishes than anything else. A dishwasher is a good compromise as it eliminates the tower of dirty dishes in the sink that invariably spread across the bench, and says goodbye to the pots and pans that have to be soaked for hours.

Some families with a larger dishwasher and more cutlery and crockery than they need leave them for a couple of days, and only switch on the machine when it’s full. For the most efficient machines take a look through dishwasher reviews before purchasing. Modern machines are quick, aesthetically pleasing, cost effective and give brilliant results. Every household benefits from a dishwasher, and getting even the most belligerent offspring to put stuff in and/or take it out again is a lot less hassle than trying to get them to do something that actually involves their hands going into water.

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