Teenagers and how to deal with them

The teenage years are usually ones of defiance and are often a time when parents struggle to deal with their children.

This is normally no surprise to parents, but being prepared for the defiance doesn’t necessarily mean that the process is any easier.

While in their teenage years, children will experiment to see how far they can push their parents but it is important that they do not disrespect you, or other people.

It is important that a teenager learns that there are consequences to their actions and that they are not able to get away with bad behaviour. It is important that you establish yourself as in charge as this will help keep them under control.

One of the most common mistakes that is made by parents is that they do not establish strong enough boundaries. It is vital that if your child crosses the boundary that you punish them. This consequence teaches them that they cannot cross the boundary again, unless they want to get punished.

Both parents should be a united front and stand strong together over disciplinary issues. If one parent punishes a teenager, then it is up to both of the parents to enforce the punishment. If one fails to do this, then the punishment means nothing at all, and it will not be effective.

You might think that it is just your child that needs help during his teenage years, but do not underestimate the importance of parenting groups. The chances are that other people are going through a similar experience to you; support from them can be very helpful.

If you are emotionally troubled by the teenager’s behaviour, then it is very important that you let out your anger. Address the issue with them and let them know how they have upset you.

If you feel things are becoming too much for you, then consider going to see a counsellor. It is essential that communication is kept open with your teenager, always let them know that you love them, but that you will take a hard line with them if it is necessary.

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