New video helps parents with teenagers accessing pornography

One of the worst things a parent has to do is broach the subject of porn with their children. Now the free online site has unveiled a new video which deals with this tricky scenario. It gives parents tips on how to deal with the situation, and the best way to deal with it so it doesn’t get out of hand.

With access to the internet being in nearly every household, it is no real surprise that children are seeing porn more frequently. No parent wants to think of their child seeing pornography, but unfortunately they do. This Video is extremely helpful and can help all concerned.

According to a survey of 9-19 year-olds’ online activities (UK Children Go Online), conducted by LSE:

  • More than half of teens (57%) have seen porn online
  • 36% have accidentally found themselves on a pornographic website when looking for something else
  • 25% have received pornographic junk mail by email or instant messaging
  • 10% have visited a pornographic website on purpose
  • 9% have been sent pornography from someone they know
  • 2% have been sent pornography from someone they met online

Their responses to seeing porn also make interesting reading:

  • 54% say they did not think too much about it
  • 14% didn’t like it
  • 20% thought it was disgusting
  • 8% wished they had never seen it
  • 7% thought it was interesting
  • 7% enjoyed it has unveiled a video clip which offers some great tips for teens and parents as well as keeping the conversation out in the open

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