Teenage internet use

The internet is a dangerous place and if parents are not careful about their teenager’s internet use them they may find their teenager running into trouble online.

There are several rules should be obeyed while using the internet and it is important that you make sure your children are paying attention to them.
Cyber bullying is one of the issues that should be addressed and it is a type of bullying that happens on internet enabled devices, including mobile phones and the computer. In some cases this type of internet bullying has become so extreme that children have committed suicide as a result.

It is possible that this can be done by a complete stranger but also that the person doing the bullying is pretending to be someone that the victim knows. A recent study conducted in the United States showed that those who had been subjected to cyber bullying felt scared, embarrassed, angry, and frustrated as a result. It would be a good idea for you to learn more about cyber bullying so you can better protect children.

It is a good idea to discuss the issue of cyber bullying with your child so that hopefully you will find out if they are being bullied online. You may find your child is reluctant to talk about this type of bullying for fear of retribution. If this is the case try speaking with teachers from the school and perhaps a councillor to get your child to open up about the problem.

If you find out who’s doing the cyber bullying contact the parents of the child but remember to remain calm with them, the chances are they will want to help you. If they fail to do this then the next step would be contacting the police. It is also possible to contact the Child Exploitation and Online Protection government body which can be found online.

Another issue that it is important that parents address with their children is the issue of ‘sexting.’ This is where messages of a sexual nature are sent by mobile phone or through the internet. Flirting is a natural part of growing up and is a part of all teenagers lives, but technology has given this a new, potentially dangerous, twist. Flirting online can bring more trouble than you might think.

It is a good idea to talk to your teenager about the risks of sexting, and highlight the fact that there is always a digital trail left to be discovered which can later lead to embarrassment and harassment.
Your children will probably be quite reluctant to talk about these two issues but it is important that they do.

Try to do it in a way that doesn’t make them feel that you are invading their personal space and let them know that you are doing it out of concern for them. Teenagers look to their parents as role models, even if they sometimes don’t act like it and taking steps to protect your child is essential

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