Teenage boys need support and patience to get through a difficult time

When children reach the teenage years it can be a very difficult time for both the child and the parents. It can seem as if the youngster has become a completely different person and in a way they have. There are all sorts of hormonal changes going on in their bodies and this can affect their behaviour and attitudes. And no matter what a parent says or does it never seems to be right.

With boys, they are starting to gain their independence as they make the change from a boy into a man. They have depended on their parents for so long and now they want to prove they can go it alone. The problem is that they don’t know how to do this and this is where they still need the guidance and help of their parents no matter how difficult the transgression may be.

They may try and isolate themselves from their parents as they try and deal with their thoughts and emotions. They are also maturing sexually as well and this can be embarrassing for them as they may not want to discuss these changes in their bodies.

Boys will also put more importance on their friends and peers than with their parents. This is normal and the adults should not take it as rejection. It is just the boy asserting his independence as he becomes a young man. Boys can sometimes display negative emotions or even aggression towards their parents and this can be a problem.

At times like this it is important for the parent to keep in control. They should never accept uncontrollable behaviour, however, and sometimes outside help and support is needed. The teenage years can be a frustrating and worrying time for parents and child but hopefully both parties can manage to come through without too much torment.

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