Teen girls do not need to follow the smoking pack

When you are a young non-smoker that is being pressured to smoke by your friends it probably looks as if everybody smokes. It is for this reason that some people get tempted into smoking in the first place, because they think that if everyone smokes it will not be that great of deal if they do as well.

Most likely since smoking is on your mind you have looked around and noticed that people smoke everywhere, which is partially the truth. No doubt you notice that your friends are smoking, adults at the bus stops are smoking, and all the celebrities on the television are smoking. However, when you are preoccupied with the subject it is highly likely that you do not notice how many people are not smoking.

In fact, for every person that you notice smoking out on the streets, if you looked around you would probably notice there are three or four more people not smoking around them as well. For every celebrity with a cigarette in their mouth, there are usually loads more that do not smoke. The same for rock stars even though you may always seem to notice the cigarette.

If you find this hard to believe, for the next week count how many people you see smoking and then count how many people around them are not. The results will most likely surprise you. If you want to be cool by doing what everyone else does, the best solution is not to start smoking at all.


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