Tech gifts high on kids wish lists

The comparison site has recently released figures that suggest that parents will be spending around £100 on technology gifts this Christmas. This includes gifts such as mobile phones and tablet computers. Last year the figure was around £110 and the comparison site said that this reduced figure is probably due to increased financial pressure.

The survey conducted by the website also showed that around half of parents said they will struggle to afford the gift that their child has asked for. Around one in 10 parents said that have asked their child to wait until the January sales so that they can pick up a gift for less.

Despite the demands from young children for technology gifts, over 80% of parents said that they won’t be purchasing a high-tech gadget for their children. The survey also involved children and around a quarter of those who are aged under 16 said they would be disappointed if the gift they received was not from their favourite brand.

Despite this, nearly 20% of parents have said that they will favour affordable gifts rather than buying their child’s preferred brand. Around 30% of parents have said that they will be buying a new phone for their children. The Apple iPhone is by far the most requested phone among children and around 15% of children have asked for it.

30% of parents have said that they will be buying an iPod for their children this Christmas and similar figures are being seen for Tablet PCs and digital cameras. The survey has suggested that now children are wanting technology gifts more than ever before and these are very expensive for parents.

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