Teaching your kids the skills of time management

Time management is one subject that is an absolute must to teach your teenager. Children who are at high school must learn how to balance their lives, not easy when you have homework, extra-curricular activities, sports and friendships to consider, not forgetting keeping astride of the latest technology.

To teach a teenager time management skills and the importance of doing it, try introducing a diary or calendar and asking them to maintain it. Daily goals should be written down with an allotted amount of time next to them. Activity which is online, and not school related, should be completed at the end of the day, which will reward the fact they have completed their tasks.

It is very important to set goals early on. So that your teenager does not feel that the hard work that they are doing is a waste of time, everything should be aimed at the achievement of a certain goal. So they are not stressed or discourage, goals should always be achievable.

Try to make sure that your teenager does not rush through an activity to get a reward. Tell them before you start that you will not tolerate this. If school assignments are hastily finished or incomplete, they should not be allowed their recreational online time. This tactic will prove to be beneficial in the long term.

Positive communication and modeling should be used to teach focus and discipline. Talk to your children often, they will become more comfortable about discussing their problems, life and friends. Children and teens should not have to bury their problems by going online and they will not feel they need to with a warm, balanced relationship.

By teaching your children to make daily schedules, keeping a positive and open communication forum and teaching them goal making skills, helps children to maintain healthy schedules.


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