Teaching your children organisation skills

Children are not the most organised of creatures and most parents will want to give them some amount of space where they can store their toys. However, if you don’t keep a close eye on this then it is entirely likely that within a very short amount of time it is going to become incredibly disorganised.

It would seem like magic that your nicely tidied children’s cupboard full of toys will become an absolute wreck after just an afternoon of play. Children seem to have an ability to undo any sort of tidiness and then shove everything back in the cupboard in a very haphazard way. Fortunately, if you want your child to be more organised with their toys there are various steps you can take.

First of all, you need to make everything as easy as possible. Put everything in a specific place and make sure that all of the storage spaces can be reached by the child. Organising the cupboard in a circular manner can be a great way to keep things together. At the centre of the circle should be the toys the child uses most often, and then as you get further away from the centre, the less popular toys should be stored.

Many parents like to have large containers that are full of various items however these are often a bad idea. If it is not possible to just grab the toy off-the-shelf directly, then the child will feel less motivated to put it away afterwards. Even though the process of taking a box off-the-shelf and taking something out of it is easy for us, children find a laborious task and one that they want to skip out to get on with play. Containers with lids should certainly be avoided as this is just an extra task a child doesn’t want.

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