New Kids app Animals Actually encourages children to eat healthily

Animals Actually

Apple are behind a new kids game app launching- ‘ANIMALS ACTUALLY,’which will be available for iOS in the App Store and for Android on Google Play. Which Launched on 7th September.

Aimed at children aged between 4-8yrs, ANIMALS ACTUALLY illustrates the importance of teaching children about morals, important life skills and kindness to people and animals that will be translated into everyday life. The aim

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Jamie Oliver’s healthy school dinners fail to impress students

Recent information about the changes to school lunches that Jamie Oliver made have shown that children are very unsatisfied with the new alternatives.

Around 80 percent of children asked said that they were very unhappy with the new food they were being served up at school. Rather unsurprisingly, the children preferred the processed foods they were getting before, such as chicken nuggets and pizza.


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Healthy Salads for Summer Cooking

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If you want to look and feel great this summer then take a look at these salad recipes online which are perfect to eat in the heat, and leave you feeling energetic and re-vitalised whether consumed for lunch, dinner or a healthy snack.

When it is hot people tend not to eat the typical hearty British meals they have become accustomed to

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Fun fruit will entice kids

A new study suggests that if fruit were served in a more attractive manner more children would eat it. In a series of tests in which the same fruit was offered to children, more ate it when it was dressed up to look enticing.

Researchers in the study studied 100 pupils from Belgium and the Netherlands that were aged four to seven. As part of

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