Sylvanian Families

The Sylvanian Families are a group of collectable animal figures that appear to be lifelike with their lives full clothing options and plenty of accessories from toys, cars, career equipment, and homes.

As collectibles, the Sylvanian Families were most popular in the late eighties and the larger part of the nineties in Japan, the UK, and the United States. For a brief period in the late nineties they were not distributed to the UK after their parent distributor and creator, Epoch, stopped manufacturing the toys. However, shortly thereafter a company named Flair picked up the range and today the International Playthings company distributes the toys with their 20th anniversary celebrated in 2007.

The collection is made up of animal families including ducks, beers, hedgehogs, rabbits, and more. Each class of animal makes up one of the Sylvanian Families all of which live together in the world of ‘Sylvania.’ Sylvanian Families enjoyed such intense popularity that the range was altered into an animated television show both in the UK and in the United States.

Among the most popular Sylvanian Families are the Grey Bear Family, Brown Rabbit Family, and the Duck Family of which Bill and Wanda Waddlington are the official Mayor and Mayoress of Sylvania. As the names denote, each family is also colour coded and the facial features of the animals are made to resemble each other within the family groups.

Outside of the figurines and their accessories such as clothing and shoes, a great number of other accessories for their homes and furniture are available in order to recreate Sylvanian Village. Three of the most popular homes that are often collected are Willow Hall, Oakwood Manor, and Bramble Cottage which are also a fair representation of the housing line.

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