Suggestion of no smoking in private cars put forward

Chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners, Professor Steve Field, stated that parents need to take responsibility long before conception after new research from America reveals that many cot deaths may be the result of women that smoke while pregnant.  In fact, evidence from the US shows that more children die as the result of parental smoking then they do from accidents.

However, the ban on smoking in cars with children asked for by the Royal College was attacked immediately as a violation of civil liberties.

Professor Field stated that people need to be more responsible for their own health and the health of their children, which is a new part of the new government that has claimed it will not regulate as much.

Public Health Minister, Anne Milton, stated that there is very clear evidence that shows legislation to make places smokefree is worth a great deal and that public places and workspaces are already smokefree.  In fact, a great deal of families already have smokefree homes, which means it is not impossible to expect other parents to do the same on their own accord.

Milton continued to say that a majority of smokers are even in support of smokefree public places and given this fact there is little reason to take another look at it, but the department will continue to look at the growing evidence for further tobacco control.

Professor Field added that GPs are left with the tough task of trying to tell people that they must live a healthier lifestyle by offering them a clear understanding of what the benefits of such a life are instead of simply outlining the negatives of such behaviour.

He explained that if you simply say that patient needs to quit smoking they likely will not, but if you show how it can harm their children they may change their mind.

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