Stylish Breastfeeding Wear from Frugi

Stylish Breastfeeding Wear from Frugi

Stylish Breastfeeding Wear from Frugi

Frugi, the organic clothing company, have launched a great new range of clothes designed to breast feed in, and their customers are ecstatic.  Made from the signature organic and chemical free cotton, they come in really flattering designs and aren’t a bit frumpy. for a long time, breast feeding mums have been crying out for clothes that were both practical and stylish, and finally they are here.

The gorgeous breast feeding dress  is available in a choice of two  floral colour washes. It is based on the Diva dress from a previous collection, not a bad move seeing as the Diva won numerous awards. The discreet panel i still there across the bust but the tops are very clever. Both the nautical stripe and the tieback tops have an underlayer which opens vertically, so mums can feed their babies while keeping their stomachs covered.
This range of breastfeeding clothes has only been available for a few days, but already the Frugi Facebook page is filling up with posts from happy customers, “My new breastfeeding tops arrived today and they are amazing! Totally gorgeous and a really lovely fit. I’m thrilled – thank you team Frugi!” says Libby Ray.

There is not a huge amount of breastfeeding wear available in the high street, compared with the amount of maternity wear, but for Lucy Jewson, founder of Frugi, it was really important that the company provided some clothes specifically designed for nursing mums. “For me, breastfeeding my new baby was one of the times of my life where I had the least self confidence,” she says, “not only did I have this tiny little baby depending on me when I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing, but also I felt really self-conscious – let’s face it, after giving birth you just don’t feel particularly beautiful, and the last thing I wanted to do was have all the wobbly bits on display!”

Frugi Mother Dresses have a panel around the bust that can be lifted for quick, easy access, and ties at the back for a perfect fit. The tops are a perfect length for keeping wobbly bits hidden with a double layer and vertical openings on the under layer for easy access. They can be worn as a maternity top as well, and you’d never know any of the collection was a breastfeeding top.

Frugi’s breastfeeding wear offers a real solution to women who feel the same way as Lucy did. The designs are well thought out to be both practical and discreet, and they look gorgeous and flattering too. Just what a new mother wants!

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