Study Shows Importance of Reading to Kids

If you want to raise smart kids, you should read to them regularly.  That’s the conclusion of parents who took part in a new Harris Interactive Survey, commissioned by LeapFrog Enterprises.  Of those taking part in the survey, 98% said they feel that reading to their kids from very early in life is quite important.

When asked how to get children more interested in reading, reading to them ranked at the top of the list.  Other methods regular suggested by educators:

  • Encourage the child to write his or her own child and read it to the adult.  Record the story as the child presents it.
  • Repeatedly read to the child his or her favourite story.  Hearing or reading the same book over and over does is not at all harmful.  If it engages the child and keeps him interested in the habit of getting into books, then by all means, read that favourite book as often as he wants to hear it.
  • As you’re reading the book, occasionally stop to ask the child questions about the story so far. This is important so you can make sure that they are comprehending what they’re hearing or reading.
  • Before you begin reading the book, show him or her the cover.  Talk about what they expect the story to be about, based on the cover.
  • Then discuss what the story is actually going to be about, as well as what you hope the child will learn from the book.
  • Also, spend some time talking about the author of the book.  Who is it?  Why did he / she write the book?  You should encourage children to gain an interest in the authors themselves.
  • As you’re going through the book together, relate it to the child.  Have they experienced something similar? Talk about those times.
  • Talk about the type of book it is, and the differences in book types.  For instance, is it a fable? A myth  is it a humorous or serious story?  An adventure or comedy?  Help them to learn the difference.
  • Before getting too far into the book, talk about the hero of the book.  Who is he or she?  Why do they do the things they do?
  • Give the child opportunity to give his view of how the hero and villain acted.

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