Single parent financial strains

Going through a divorce is an emotionally challenging period in your life and many people often fear that once divorced they will face additional financial pressures as they no longer will benefit from the synergy of the combined income with their partner.

However, it may be that this fear is somewhat unfounded as generally there is a lot of support for mothers who’ve been left to raise a child alone. There are many support groups that offers help to single mothers both emotionally and financially.

The increasing amount of welfare in the United Kingdom has largely been driven because single mothers faced an enormous financial strain after divorce or being left by the father. This encouraged more welfare to be given by the government and help take some of the strain out of the divorce process and the pressure of having to raise a child alone.

Since the welfare reforms, surveys have shown that generally single-parent families are stable, both financially and emotionally. On the other hand, data that was gathered in 2008 in the United Kingdom and the United States showed that children whose father was in the picture were generally more successful. However, those who conducted the study admitted that it was unsure whether it was the father being out of the picture that caused the lack of success or not.

Another recent study that has been published in the Journal of Marriage and Family has shown that a non-biological father generally takes better care of the children than the biological father who left the mother did. An additional study looked at children whose mother had remarried and in this situation it was found that the children stood at no disadvantage compared with a family wear there had been no divorce.

For single mothers who are expecting a child it is important that, if they want the father to be a part of the picture once the baby is born, they involve him during the pregnancy. Statistics show that if a biological father is involved during the pregnancy it is much more likely that they will become involved once the child is born. This involvement does not have to be one of romance with the mother for a commitment to be formed.

If parents are considering getting divorced it is important that you consider the emotional well-being of your children. Divorce issues can be emotionally overwhelming for children and this can affect their behaviour and their school performance.

If parents are fighting it is best that they do it away from the children and that they do not involved in issues of the divorce. This can potentially cause ongoing behavioural problems even once the divorce is over. If your children are going through puberty, hormones can make this even more complicated. Handle a divorce in a quiet manner forĀ  the children’s benefit.

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