Self-employed travel agency could be a great choice for work-at-home mums

Many stay-at-home mums are opting to set up their own office to earn a living, and finding the rewards of self-employment while looking after the kids to be an incredibly liberating experience.

If working from home is something you have been toying with for a while, then you have probably already considered the pros and cons of working from home. But what are the best choices of career? Read on to see why a travel agency franchise might be the choice for you.

Can I work from home?

Working from home provides a great freedom that many other jobs simply cannot offer. No one to answer to, no office politics, and the option of working in your PJs! However, it does require self-discipline and for a successful working environment you must be prepared to manage yourself, and be able to guarantee periods where you won’t have the kids to worry about.

Why a travel franchise?

If you are interested in setting up your own business, then a great option is to set up your own travel agency business.

If you are passionate about travel, you have a wide experience of a particular part of the world or a particular kind of travel, then becoming a self-employed travel agent might be the perfect job for you.

Even if you have not travelled extensively, having a knack for organisation and customer service is a good place to start.

A travel agent is essential to many travelers’ trips, from suggesting destinations, to organising travel and excursions. Many of today’s holidaymakers do not have the time, knowledge or expertise to organise their whole trip and this is where you could come in.

Where to start?

For many the biggest fear in setting up a business like this is cost, but setting up as a self-employed travel agent does not have to involve a large first investment.

You already save thousands of pounds in initial set up costs by not needing to rent, furnish and insure an office.

As you will be working from home, one option is to set up an online business. The benefit of being part of a franchise is benefitting from greater support and buying power. Joining the Freedom Travel  Group involves a small initial set up cost but will provide you with a website and give you the security of membership with accredited agencies.

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