Security blankets are huge benefit to many children

Studies show that children attached to security blankets are also securely attached to mum and are psychologically healthy. These studies so that when the same children are in new or stressful situations that if they have a security blanket that have the ability to remain more calm than children without such an object. They also can socialize better learn and regulate their emotions better when that security blanket is present.

The mother of three daughters has recollections of her daughter’s connection to her “blankie” a gift from a family friend that was handmade, when her daughter was born. It was in the crib since she was a newborn and eventually she carried it wherever she went as a toddler. It was a real sense of security for her.

Dr. Lumeng says that studies of the attachments children have for their blankets have shown that it is the most intense from 18 to 24 months and declines from there. But at 36 months over 50% of the children still have an attachment to their blankets.

Also there is no particular age that is best for them to no longer maintain that attachment, with some even keeping it into their adolescence. In fact, there are adults that still have some type of attachment object hidden away in a trunk in the attic.

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